Expert Emergency Locksmith Re Key Locks


Expert Emergency Locksmith  888-805-7044Do you have any idea as to how many keys you have in circulation? Often, you might lose track of who you hand out a spare to or you might inadvertently drop your keys somewhere, which could have been picked up by someone with malicious intent. Lock rekeying is a proven technique to regain key control and enhance the security of your property. As opposed to replacing the locking systems, a re-key locks procedure won’t cost you as much, can be done in minimal time and guarantees the same level of security a new lock provides. Trust Expert Emergency Locksmith – the rekeying experts! Over a decade since we commenced operations, we’ve undertaken projects of varying scales; right from rekeying front door locks on residential properties to undertaking full building rekeying for office spaces.

What is it?

During a re-key locks procedure, a locksmith will alter the internal mechanism of the lock, i.e. the existing configuration of pins and cylinders is removed and is replaced with a new one, thus incapacitating the old keys and requiring a new set of keys to be made for operation.

When should you rekey?

You might need to call our re-key locks service in the local area in the following situations:

  • Moving to a new property: If you’re moving into a new place, the previous owners, contractors, or tenants might still have the keys. Rekeying will eliminate access to your property.
  • Fall out: A fall out with your neighbor or a friend who has access to your keys, demands a re-key locksprocedure. You might never know if they choose to use the key to gain entry.
  • Firing an employee: If you’ve fired an employee recently, it’s vital to revoke access to every entity the employee had access to including door locks, file cabinet locking systems and more
  • Setting up a master key system: If key management is becoming an everyday mess, then you can rekey locks so that they answer to a single master key in addition to their unique change keys.
  • Lost/stolen keys:  Lost your keys or suspect them to be stolen? Don’t let a missing key ruin your peace of mind. Rekey locks for better security and key control.

When does a re-key locks procedure not prove effective?

  • The life expectancy of the lock is poor
  • Rusted or deteriorated lock condition
  • The lock has undergone severe physical damage
  • Outdated lock types or aged locks
  • The internal components are rusted or dilapidated

Want to get your locks rekeyed and regain control of your keys? Then call us now on 888-805-7044